• As a businessman and father of 4, I no longer feel that any of today's political parties know how to grow the economy for everyone in our society. We need a new agenda, a new approach. I'm fed up with the status quo and so is everyone I meet, no matter what their background. Politics is broken and we need to fix it. We have unprecedented opportunities and challenges ahead and we need a better way to move forward as a country. I'm not a politician but I believe I can help create change. That's why I am creating Vote Better, a platform that will get more people involved in politics and change the way government develops and implements policy. If we work together to fix politics and government we will create sustainable growth for everyone.

    Adam Knight

  • What I Stand For

    • Investing to create prosperity and opportunity for all in society
    • Evidence based policy making
    • Managed risk taking and a no-blame culture of continuous improvement throughout government and public services
    • Long term planning and investment for a sustainable future
    • Decentralisation of political power to re-engage and energise disenfranchised voters

  • Policy thinking

  • Policy Outline

    Invest in building new homes

    Affordable homes for everyone

    We spend over £8 billion a year paying housing benefit to tenants renting from private landlords. Develop a new 10 year plan to capitalise this into £500 billion of 30 year government bonds and use the money to build new homes and then pay interest instead of rent.


    52% voted to Leave, 48% to Remain

    We voted to leave the EU so we should leave the EU. 48% voted to remain in the EU, so we should keep close ties with Europe. Best solution is EEA with some emergency brake controls if immigration is above a level compatible with current growth levels and infrastructure (homes, schools, hospitals etc) capacity.

    Invest in the UK's productive capacity

    Invest in education and training, research and development, sustainability, culture and creative industries

    Productive investment will increase our growth and productivity and will grow the economy for all of us whilst enabling us to finance these investments in the medium term. With a growing pie we will be able to share the benefits of growth more broadly rather than fight over how to split a small pie.

    Invest in our sustainability

    Carbon neutral today

    Offset our total emissions by buying carbon credits now with the aim of being carbon neutral domestically by 2030.

    Invest in health and social care

    Integrated thinking, planning and funding

    Decentralise government

    Power to the local level

    Startup and entrepreneurs' manifesto for growth

    Create a more startup and scale-up friendly business environment

    Legalise, regulate and tax controlled substances

    Education and harm reduction not criminalisation. Income instead of costs

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